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            Why I am running for governor of Washington.

During our states experience with Covid and our present high inflationary economic experience, I could not understand why our Legislators and the governor would not temporarily reduce the states sales tax rate to combat the burden that our citizens were experiencing.  Instead they passed more taxing bills such as the Move Ahead Transportation Bill and still maintained the toll tax on I-405 and the Tacoma bridge when both of these have been paid for twice from toll revenues.  When times are hard the state government must lessen its tax burden upon its citizens; especially when the legislators and governor are touting a financial tax surplus of fifteen ($15B) billion dollars.  This is putting us the people first instead of the welfare of the government!

We need politicians at the state level who involve citizens on all issues without citizen or voters input.  In 2023, 2024 and beyond we need  to have courage to act decisively on multiple issues that face the citizens of Washington.  We need to do this in a democratic process that involves our State’s media with citizen feedback to those who represent us.  Teamwork and citizen input is key to addressing the ‘issue challenges’ facing us.  It has to be built on Truth, Transparency, Trust, Together.  Compromise will be important on most issues.

 Let us in our individual creation, clasp hands, and in a positive way, work toward our human future.  The only thing constant within our universe is change and hope within our hearts to succeed in making this a ‘better’ world for all of earth's inhabitants. 

As an advocate of responsible gun ownership, as both a fisherman and a hunter, I fully support the second amendment while prioritizing the prevention of innocent people falling victim to gun violence.




Graduated from South Kitsap High School at Port Orchard, Washington.  I was  on the varsity football team and in Track and Field as a hurdler.  We were State Track and Field champions in my senior year.  Attended Portland Community College1967-1969.  The University of Oregon, 1970- 1973.  Majored in Political Science.



Enlisted in the U.S. Army, November 1960 Active and National Guard afterwards.  Attended Officer Candidate School at Fort Benning, Georgia.  I was commissioned Lieutenant in May 1963 and sent to Fort Sam Houston for Medical training.  I served as a MSC (Medical Service Corp ) Administrator.  Honorably discharged in May, 1966.



 I was President of the Oregon Community College Student Association; appointed as the student representative to the Oregon State Board of Education.  Also a voting member of the Oregon Community College Coordinating Council 1967-1969.  We successfully established a onsite minority student cultural centers at several community colleges and initiated low cost student housing construction along with a campus newspaper. 

 I was listed in Who’s Who Among American College Students 1967, as an outstanding student leader within the United States. 

I worked on Oregon Tom McCall’s Governor (GOP) political campaign and Jim Weaver’s (DEM) Congressional campaign in my senior year at the University of Oregon.

I was elected Klickitat Valley Health Hospital Commissioner 2008 to May 2020, assisting building the hospital to its current professional status.



Immediately after high school after graduation I went to the Boeing Aircraft Company and got hired at Plant One located in Seattle.  I worked both at  the Seattle and Everett Plants Was as a Manufacturing Engineer on commercial and military aircraft.   I Was sent to Wichita, Kansas and worked on Air Force One and Two.  The last 17 years at the Boeing company I was a Lead in delegating and overseeing the work performance of 11 employees on three aircraft production lines from body join, to aircraft completion and then rollout of aircraft to the flight line.  I was a Team Leader who lead and worked with other personnel on a pilot project that decreased rework paper flow, reduced labor time and improving quality workmanship by interfacing with five Boeing departments: Quality Control, Liaison Engineering, Project Engineering, Project Planning and aircraft mechanics.

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