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Transportation Infrastructure

Along the populated I-5 corridor there is a need to establish efficient cost effective transportation systems. That infrastructure needs to bring congestion relief and the movement of goods, services and people as its priority.  Equally, it needs to address any transportation problems within cities on the Eastside as well as the Westside.  The Move Ahead Transportation bill passed on March 10, 2022 was to fix , maintain roads, bridges and infrastructure within the state.  The state gas tax is 49.4 cents a gallon, the third highest in the nation.  The I-405 road  construction cost $50.4 million.  The toll tax has generated millions of dollars more than predicted; $17.5 million dollars was collected the first year.  The total collected to date is at least $105 Million dollars. That means its construction cost have been paid for twice but yet the toll tax remains. Tolls on highways or bridges need to be terminated when construction costs have been completed. Our state government should be transparent enough to provide us an approximate date of toll tax completion when the road is paid for and subsequently removed or communicated to us what budget item the money is transferred to.  Any neglect to do so, it becomes an unacceptable revenue collection purpose. 

 Transportations agencies must be accountable to the taxpayers through ballet measures, performance audits and the State Senate’s confirmation process.

Fair Share Taxation

When times are hard for the state citizen's the state government must lessen it's tax burden upon it's citizens.  It should temporarily reduce the sales tax rate by a full percentage point to combat skyrocketing inflation rate or when experiencing a serious pandemic situation.  This is especially so when there is a forecast of a tax surplus of $15 billion for the state budget.  This is putting,  'We the People First'.  At the least, we should have expanded the Working Families Tax Credit.  An additional expanded sales tax exemption in the form of a remittance to lower-income working families, using the federal earned tax credit as a proxy for the amount of sales tax paid would have been helpful for low-income citizens.

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