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Support For Dam Removal

Those who support no dam removal must not realize how much money, jobs are created and put into the small communities within the States of Washington, Oregon and Idaho along the Columbia and Snake rivers from sport fishing.  In Washington State itself, the income from fishing is about $650.6 Million and 4,030 jobs.  Oregon’s incomes is $552.4 million and 4,270 jobs.  Idaho is $411.6 Million and 4.280 jobs.  This total’s to $1.624.6 B and a total of 12,580 jobs. This is the best figures I could get from the American Sportfishing Association and appears conservative.  Dam removal would nearly double this amount in the future easily because fish numbers would increase.  I have never known a Republican that would take jobs and income from rural communities.  It would also increase our dwindling salmon and steelhead populations which has been iconic to the Northwest since these states were formed.  And let’s not forget their are indigenous Treaty Rights  and commercial fishermen income that is not listed to what I have given.  all water users must be  accommodated.  Advanced breeder nuclear/fusion reactors can take their place to supply our energy needs.  A smooth transition to minimally 

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