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Law & Order

We need to keep our communities safe!  FIRST, be’ tough on crime’ and SECOND, ‘be tough on the causes of crime’.  Public safety takes precedence initially over the inequities of the justice system.  That needs to be addressed afterwards.  Our working class and ordinary citizens have a right to feel safe at home and in the city.  Instead of defunding the police, we should look at trying what Denver, Colorado did.  They created a STAR team (Support Team Assisted Response) using a van of mental health specialists and paramedics which answer calls to public intoxication, person down, trespassing and public disorder.  If violence or weapons were present, the cops would go.  This program is similar to what Mt. Vernon, Washington does with a hired counselor.  The evidence in these programs was effective in reducing the designation of individuals in crisis as criminal offenders and reducing the actual level of crime. To combat the violent crimes , Denver increased their Police budget.

  Business or residents in Municipalities should not suffer theft or destruction from violent protesters.  The State should ensure that policemen are well trained to be able to protect private property.  The Governor should have a flexible Riot Peace force that can be mobilized quickly to quell violence wherever such action occurs in our urban areas.  A statewide Standard for the use of force needs to be agreed upon by the State’s Basic Law Enforcement Academy and its citizens; not only for individuals but for violent protestors.

In a recent police study from Portland, Oregon to New York, the Washington Post found that $1.5 billion has been spent to settle claims of police misconduct  involving thousands of police officers repeatedly accused of wrongdoing (excessive force, illegal search and seizure, false arrests, harassment and incorrect warrant address). Taxpayers, although paying for this were in the dark about most of these payments.  Such payments should come out of the budget of the police department, not public taxpayers pockets.  Public exposure to these costs need to be aired to their citizens so they can demand accountability to the police department.

I have always felt that our nations police force suffered from poor training resulting in questionable arrests and a legal department overwhelmed by lawsuits, with racial implications. Let’s change this and provide our State with the best police training and retraining of those officers who are repeat offenders. 

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